Learning English Takes Patience And Dedication

No matter how intelligent you are mastering any language takes a lot of patience and practice. It is not something that happens overnight. That is why people who are serious about learning English should try to expose themselves to the language for at least a few hours every day. Many linguists also recommend that students of language study abroad and take ESL classes.If one is interested in learning English, they must understand that reading is different from speaking, which is also different from listening to spoken word. A successful student must practice all three activities if they are to become fluent enough to carry on conversations with native speakers. A great way to practice listening and pronunciation skills is to watch American movies and television shows. Start by watching a few short clips of an educational program online. It will be even more helpful if the show has subtitles in your own language. Isolate a few phrases from the clip and replay them several times. If you can, watch how the person speaking forms the sounds with their mouth. Then, repeat the phrases over and over. Finally, add the words and phrases you practice to a master list you can refer to again and again. You should practice the words on your list until they are committed to memory. With the repetition of this exercise, you are practicing your listening, reading, and pronunciation skills.When learning English, it might also be helpful to purchase a book that teaches tenses and verbs. These books often contain practice exercises for the reader to complete after getting through each lesson or chapter. Complete these exercises and review each chapter several times. This, again, will help you commit the information to memory.Once you have at least an intermediate understanding of the language, it might be time to enroll in some ESL classes. The classroom experience gives you the chance to practice with other students and ask questions of an instructor that is bilingual. If you have the opportunity and the inclination, it is extremely beneficial to ESL classes in a country where they speak English. When you are, more or less, forced to speak the language and hear it all around you, it makes it that much easier to pick up words and put them into practice. This concept is called immersion, and it is probably the most fun and effective way to master a new language.

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