Twilight Saga – Eclipse – The Movie and the Stars

The Twilight phenomenon continues with the movie Eclipse. Gossip about it is prevalent on Twitter and all the social media channels. Articles abound in magazines, ezines and television talk shows. A cast member, Robert Pattinson talks in riddles when he appears on one of the many talk shows and during interviews. It is easy to imagine the Twilight star, Robert Pattinson being followed down the street by a line of young girls and women. He seems to be getting the most exposure as a celebrity. His character, Edward Cullen, gets more attention than the Royals in UK and President Obama in the US. The public can’t get enough of him.Now this may or may not be a one-pair prank, but his handsome face is plastered on the front of a pair of panties. There are many jokes about these garments. There are just as many girls wanting to know where they can buy a pair. Some lines are not meant to be crossed. This is one of them. On February 21, Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame won the Orange Rising Star award at the British Academy Awards. When she received it in London, guess who was in the audience to cheer her on? Although the hot couple didn’t arrive at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden together, they both arrived to the delight of all those lined up alongside the red carpet.The beautiful Kristen Stewart had eleven months off between the final shooting of Twilight in April of 2008, and the beginning of New Moon production. Then production of Eclipse started only seven weeks after New Moon was finished. When Kristen returned to playing Bella Swan in Eclipse, she said she had new purpose as the vampire-loving teenager. Kristen, AKA Bella said she wasn’t tortured as she was in New Moon. In Eclipse she’s more than just a teenager in love. She did not think the role of Bella in Eclipse was easy to play. She matures during the course of the movie including graduation and engagement to Edward Cullen (Pattinson of course).For a time she was romantically inclined towards Taylor Lautner’s character, Jacob. She said that romantic role was hard to play. The reason was because she thinks of Lautner as a brother. Her love (as Bella) for Pattinson (as Cullen) draws her back. Her character really loves his character in the movie Eclipse. Her sisterly feelings for Jacob made it difficult to kiss him in the role of Bella. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the engagement of Edward and Bella. It turns out it was worth waiting for. The romantic scene will take place in Edward’s bedroom. It involves Bella, Edward and a four poster bed.Pattinson didn’t have much to say about Eclipse, but he did relate a funny story about a fan who stalked him during filming. It was hilarious hearing the way he got rid of her. This woman was outside his hotel room every night lurking there and watching him. His solution was to take her out to dinner with him one evening. He got rid of her by boring her to death with complaints about every detail of his life. After that dinner she lost all interest and never came back.I wonder what funny stories he will have when he hosts Saturday Night Live this season. His fans are certainly eager to hear his opinions on Eclipse, his beautiful co-star and the plot of the movie. Hopefully, he will not drift off into a soliloquy about the condition of his shoelaces or some equally unrelated topic.

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